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Posted by Sunday on Jan 11, 2010 at 11:44 pm

One of the reasons I don’t shop at Whole Foods is because I become obsessed with foods I can’t afford.  Still, a treat every now and again never hurt anyone.  That is, if you take care to ensure the definition of “every now and again” doesn’t translate to “weekly.”  If I used heroin, I suspect I’d be one of those “weekender” heroin addicts.  It’s fine.  I only use on the weekends.  Recreationally.


So anyway, speaking of heroin: Dinon is an Italian company that makes ready-to-eat seafood products, and to be frank I have to stand before them in the refrigerated section and ask myself what else I should be spending $10 on.  And it usually takes me a really long time to come up with answers.  Sometimes, I don’t have an answer at all, and one of them comes home with me.


The white anchovy filets are absolutely gorgeous, like all their products.  These things are incredible fancypants social slut appetizers straight out of the plastic container.  They’re not terribly fishy or salty like you might think (Americans are totally fucked over on the anchovy front) and are instead lightly vinegared, lightly seasoned, and tender.


It’d be a shame to do anything with them but eat them with water crackers.  Maybe not, maybe that’s my empty pocketbook talking.  Sometimes I like to imagine cooking with these, pushing them into homemade focaccia or roughly chopping them up and adding them to a really fresh new red potato salad.  Then I gulp and think, those little fuckers were ten dollars! And then I suckle on them like Omega-3-saturated gold nuggets.

Sorry if you don’t have a Whole Foods in the area. You’re probably better off, in the long run.

January 11th, 2010 | Food Rant, Obsessed

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