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Hotto Keh-Ki!

Posted by Sunday on May 29, 2010 at 8:31 pm

You guys.  These hot cakes.


I’m not fucking around.  Well, let’s back up: so, I’m walking through the Japanese market and I do an actual double-take (seriously, I’d like to see the security footage) at this box of hot cake mix.  I never before until that precise moment understood that I had an unrealized hot cake fantasy wherein inch-thick, supernaturally golden brown stacks appear before me on the wings of angels. And it’s not just me: a five year-old post at Brown Bread Ice Cream is all the proof I need to know I’m not insane.  I mean, about the beauty of Japanese hot cakes.


I’m not interested in their little included packets of single-serve artificial maple syrup, but I appreciate the gesture.  And classically, a complete lack of English matters not at all when the infographics are useful enough:


Apparently you vibrate a whisk with 100ccs of something white and an egg until your bowl shouts in Japanese, and then you add the powder mix.    I have to tell you, I was mesmerized and titillated from the start.  With an egg and a little under 1/2 C. of milk (100ccs is something like .42 fluid cups) the batter was the texture of frosting.  I added a few more tablespoons of milk until I could at least form a hot cake with it, even though I realize a lot of that magical loft comes from the thickness of the batter.  And the smell!  No kidding: vanilla cake batter.  Cake batter!  Even Mike had a lightbulb appear over his head.  Why haven’t we tried to make pancakes out of cake batter before?


The only reason the hot cakes didn’t turn out exactly like on the box was from the shaking of my hands as I made them.  How illicit!  I mean, I’m the person that makes homemade  pancakes with ground flax in them for christ’s sake.  And here are these cartoonishly perfect, vanilla-cakey little patties that cooked up perfect in less than five minutes.


We ate them and chicken sausages with our fingers like we were getting away with something.  Which we were, I guess.  We ate cake with sugar syrup for dinner.

I realized then what is so terrifically charming about certain Japanese foods: this idealized version of something crafted with no preexisting expectations in mind.  What’s this “hot cake” you say?  Like a cake in a pan?  Like this?  YES, CLOSE ENOUGH.

May 29th, 2010 | Obsessed

10 Responses to Hotto Keh-Ki!

  1. Amie says:

    Holy crap those look incredible! I can’t believe how urgent my desire to run to my nearest Asian supermarket is right now. If, when I do eventually get there, they don’t have this or something like it I may actually implode.

  2. Miriam dema says:

    Soo, um… My post party whiskey saturated brain is still stuck on cake batter for pancakes. Can this be done, what would this be like? What about chocolate or red velvet cake??? Omg, if I was more sober and hadn’t already made scones and cookies today I might be crankin’ up the stand mixer!

  3. Sunday says:

    Yes! These are two responses that I had hoped to get: desire combined with a threat of physical improbability, and the brick-on-the-head realization of: WHY NOT MAKE PANCAKES FROM ACTUAL CAKE BATTER?

    Jesus, I hope I’m not the only person that will be trying this. Carrot cake?! Hello! Oh man, I’m so excited I’m enraged. ANGER BURGER!

  4. Sunday says:

    Oh, and I nearly forgot: Mike, my in-house Viking, specifically asked for ANGELFOOD CAKE. I have no idea if this is possible, but I am going to try.

  5. quagmire says:

    The first little bowl is saying: “ヘルプは!外人もハードビート。”
    (This is motivational quagery to get you folks to play with Google translate). Just cut-n-paste the above. I tried to copy and translate what the bowl is actually saying in Sunday’s photo, but the .jpg won’t cooperate.
    * Any of Sunday’s Japanese speaking friends … are you guys there? What’s squinty-bowl actually saying?
    I think, “Help! Gaijin beat too hard.”?

  6. Su-Lin says:

    The height of those pancakes really is something to behold! Gonna look out for these!

  7. Kate says:

    My mouth actually dropped open and hung there suspended by my jaw hinges when I saw the adorable mixing graphics. The bowl’s all like “Harder! Harder” and then it’s all “Okay, now go slow.”

    I make my pancakes with Bob’s Communist Mill High Fiber pancake mix with extra ground flax meal added, so this whole escapade is making my pancreas perk up its ears and growl.

  8. Carrie Anne says:

    They look like Heaven’s coins.

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