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We’re Doing This Again

Posted by Sunday on Nov 24, 2010 at 9:58 pm

The thing where we buy stuff for people.  My ideas from last year still stand, but here are some new ones.  And by “new ones” I mean stuff I mostly already told you about.

1. Epic Rad Handmade Broom:

Again, it’s both functional and beautiful, and who doesn’t need a broom?  If the idea of a plain broom still strikes you as boring, go and look at her more unusual ones, like the cobweb broom or the turkey wing broom.  There’s even a broom for hobbits children, which is a fine idea if you know one of those obsessive compulsive kids.

2. Stromondo Marzipan:

By far my most favoritest marzipan in the world.  I’ve written an ode before, and it still stands.

Stromondo is so finely milled that it is creamy like caramel — I’ve really never found anything else like it, anywhere.  It was unavailable for most of this year for some horrible, terrible reason, but it’s back! It is currently unavailable online, as it often is, but when it shows up you should nab it.  It’s pricey, but I think that’s what part of what makes it a good gift for someone who likes to bake.  Or likes to eat things that are delicious.

3. Play Food From IKEA:

I walked by this vegetable basket at IKEA and stopped dead in my tracks.  You can’t see from the photo,  but the details are spot-on.   The mushrooms are the best, they really look like shiitakes, and there’s a head of garlic hidden in there too.  The leek has little root bits and the outer lettuce leaves detach.  All of this and a sturdy little corduroy basket for $8.  Yep, eight bucks.  I got the veggies for my niece, as well as the equally awesome breakfast set, which was only FIVE DOLLARS.  But here’s the thing: you don’t need to know a kid to get these.  I think the vegetables or the fruit set would look rad in a nice crystal or wooden bowl in the middle of a dining table for adults.  Mike the Viking thinks the breakfast set would look great sewn onto a hat and formally put in a request for one.

The bummer is that they are not currently available for sale online, so if you don’t live near an IKEA you’re out of luck.

4. Uh, Something I Just Now Realized I Can’t Tell You About:

Because I’m getting it for my sister.  Hi Layla! Phew, that was close.  Also: don’t let your daughter see item #3.

5. Tipu’s Chai:

If you’re a regular reader then you’ve already seen the effusive gush of mutual hand-jobbery that went down between Tipu’s Chai and myself.

But the reminder is: it was for good damn reason.  The chai is by far the best I’ve had, and their microgrinding process for making “instant” chai is unparalleled.  If you know someone who likes chai already, this is a no-brainer.  If they are avid tea drinkers, it’s still a no-brainer.  If they’ve never even tried chai, now’s the time to start them on it.  Tell Tipu’s that Anger Burger sent you in the comment field when you order and they’ll refund a small percentage of your payment and try the discount code “chailove” “blackchaifriday”.  (Thanks Maven!).

6. LÄMPLIG cutting board(s) from IKEA:

Again – appears to not be available online, so sorry to everyone not near an IKEA.  But for those who are, and in particular, those who have poor counter surfaces, you are in some serious luck.  At $10 each, I’m not even sure you can buy the pine they’re made of for cheaper at the lumber store.

The boards have a moat/drain on one side and a lip on one edge, but that’s not why I got them for myself.  As you can see, when flipped over they make for a $20 instant farmhouse-style counter top.  The lip catches on the tile edges and hold them more or less in place, and after several soakings in mineral oil the wood is gorgeous and practically waterproof.

It’s probably for the best that you can’t order them online, because when I went to buy these it took me almost 10 minutes to find two that matched in color.  The range of tones and colors was astounding – some boards were almost white, some were almost black, some were even-colored all over, and few, like mine, were a pleasant mix of shades.  They are also HEAVY and hoisting the boards around while I searched for matches was a total pain in the ass.

Do you know someone with tile or otherwise unsuitable kitchen counters?  LÄMPLIG to the rescue.  And you – you’re a good friend.


What about the rest of you?  Any great ideas?  Things you can’t live without?  Because I’ve got a few family members I can’t think of gifts for, and it’s killing me.  KILLING ME.  It’s not really killing me, but I’m a little distraught over it.

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16 Responses to We’re Doing This Again

  1. Tom says:

    If you’re like me and you love stuff that will always be waay out of your price range, I recommend the otherworldy Manufactum. Wiki entry on them here

  2. Anna says:

    Oh gosh!
    I went nuts over those pictures of IKEA play vegetables! Then I checked them out on the Australian IKEA website and found that that both the breakfast set and the vegetable set are $14.99 each! The difference in price really blows my mind. Whinge!

    Great idea though and I’ll probably still shell out for them for my young relatives.

    • Sunday says:

      OH HELL NO. $15 each? That’s not even right taking the dollar adjustment into account, our dollars are almost matched right now. Boo! I’m sorry.

      • Anna says:

        Yes it sucks! HOWEVER! Whenever we go to IKEA we get the $2.95 full breakfast (scrambled egg, sausage, hash brown, tomato, bacon, beans) which is such good value we feel like we are saving money by being there. It’s a savvy financial mind, I have. :-)

  3. Dana says:

    Damn, I love the faux food. Ikea is about 70 miles from my home. Double damn. May have to finally make the pilgrimage.

    I bought one of these and some loose tea for a friend a few years ago. It’s a lovely (affordable) thing for an avid tea drinker:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Sunday. I’m off to pick the remains of the mountains of dungeness crab we had for yesterday’s food orgy. Turkey, shmurkey.

  4. Maven says:

    BLACKCHAIFRIDAY gets you 15% off at Tipu’s. Hop to it.

  5. helen says:

    The Ikea toy food is great, the breakfast one has my nephews name on it if I could face a trip to the blue and yellow maze hell this side of xmas.
    As for gift ideas and echoing Dana’s comment I would love a For life stump teapot in aqua and some fancy overpriced Kusmi teas just because the tins are so cute. Shame me and the otherhalf are not buying pressies for each other this year as we are broke.

  6. I highly recommend the Canal House Cooking series for people who are into cookbook. You can check out a few teaser pages of the latest edition here:

    Much respect due to page 6. . . I think your Viking might like it, too. . .

  7. meg says:

    check out

  8. Vita says:

    omg. I came here to read about how awesome Stramondo is, because though I know Amazon had it back in stock, it is now GONE AGAIN.
    I am heartbroken. I shall wash my entire house in Mrs Meyers orange-clove soap to console myself.

  9. Carrie Anne says:

    I’m actually trying to think of an excuse to go to Ikea just so I can bring back those Stuffed Food Items(TM).

    My FIL bought me two things for my birthday: imported balsamic vinegar and olive oil. That’s all I got because it was so goddamned expensive. And totally worth it. OMG.

    And now, for the part that will probably get this comment tagged by your spam filters. You are probably going to regret ever asking your readers to list their suggestions. :)

    Tea Towel: Love of Cooking

    Tea Towel: Squirrel

    Cutting Board with Feet: It calls itself a cutting board, but I think of it more as a serving piece

    Brie Baker: Yes, brie warrants its own dish. It’s that good. Of course, you could make lovely baked eggs in this, too.

    Photography: Vegetable Fine Art×10-signed-fine-art

    Apple Platter: Full disclosure, this is from my shop. But look how cute!

  10. Carrie Anne says:

    (By the way, I totally would have understood if you hadn’t approved that comment. I kind of went overboard on the links.)

  11. quagmire says:

    Let me assure you, it’s extremely difficult to ‘go overboard’ with Sunday and/or her blog … lordy knows I’ve tried =0]
    The girl is very tolerant, especially of her epically meddlesome Pop.

  12. Sunday says:

    My dad it right. There’s really no overdoing it. Other than: I am truly and actually avoiding your links because I’m now done shopping and can’t afford to spend any more this year. So, I hope someone else enjoys them.

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