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Dreams Really Do Come True

Posted by Sunday on Aug 19, 2011 at 11:51 am

Well, I’ve finally done it.  I’ve grown a goddamn passion fruit.

I’ve been eyeing them with increasing impatience over the last few weeks, since they ostensibly turn dark before falling off the vine and then have an additional ripening period after that.  I mean, I don’t want to tell them how to do it or anything, but I’m pretty sure they’re taking too long.

And then!  This morning!  This one was totally green about three or four days ago and slowly started to turn ruddy.

This morning it was laying on the ground, which is apparently normal: they fall, you pick them up.  Another reason to love passion fruit.  Laziest harvest ever.  Bitchin!  Now it sits in a windowsill and waits to turn wrinkled, at which point it is done and we will fall upon it with the torpid bloodlust of a morally obstinate vampire finally allowed to marry a teenage girl.

Speaking of predatory!

He’s really slow and we named him Time Warner!

August 19th, 2011 | Food Rant, Obsessed

6 Responses to Dreams Really Do Come True

  1. Awesome, have never seen a fresh passionfruit! Reminds me of a little eggplant sorta, but a funky colour. Equally mindblowing: cashew apples.

  2. Theresa says:

    haha you’re good

  3. Possum says:

    You would love the island I live on then as they grow here as though they were the official national fruit! The prettiest of them all is the one for called the Nanadilla ….as in banana/granadilla (passion fruit).
    Enjoy the fruits of your labour!!

  4. Jul says:

    where do you live then? where you could do this? neighborhood of LA?

    • Sunday says:

      I assume you’re asking for horticultural reasons, and the answer is: yes, a neighborhood of L.A. Passion flower grows quite happily in this climate, though it requires regular watering – I have a friend who lives 5 miles away who planted the exact same variety of vine from the same nursery, and there’s never fruited due to insufficient watering.

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