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Broiled Boston with Garden Salad

Posted by Mike the Viking on Sep 4, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Greetings from MIKE the VIKING, amidst the smoldering ruins of Apocalympia. I hope your summer has been full of rapings and meatstuffs, or, for the veg amongst you, gropings and bean curds.

We are well. Which is to say, your trusted captain has developed an inordinate fondness for the bicephalic horror of the F-book and the hipstergram. By Odin’s great unwashed eye-socket, it boils my beard. I suffer as you suffer; the postage of the angers used to brighten my days like the light of a thousand burning englishmen.

It can’t be helped. She’s computing through the smart phone these days. And the purpose of a smart phone is to do dumb things faster. Since the BURGER of ANGER is not dumb, the phone is no help.

It is my fondest wish that the great and wise and cantankerous one will once again take up this heavy mantle, but until that day, I will send to you word of our adventures, perhaps of sackings, perhaps of knittings, certainly of tankings, like postcards from the end of the world.

Coming soon: the jaw-moistening legend of Jjarlepjnir-Maek, as told by MIKE the VIKING



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10 Responses to Broiled Boston with Garden Salad

  1. quagmire says:

    Praise the Nordic Lights. At least Loki has commanded that one of his vassals take up the Helm of Digimus and spew forth, into The Great Void of al’Goreic. [mmmmm … gropings and bean curd. I miss the old days.]

  2. Michelle says:

    HUZZAH, news has arrived that all are still well!

    Curses to the smart phone. I to miss the old days. You know, when NO ONE could talk to you on the way to work because you were driving and there was NO PHONE. They had to wait until you got to work to call you on your work phone from your house phone.

  3. rebecca says:

    so happy! more anger burger please!

  4. kat says:

    i’ve been watching the flickr shots roll in, so i know she’s alive and well! please bring her back stat!

  5. Sunday says:

    Oh Christ, really? You are blaming my phone? Not the 40+ hour a week job and running of a household? I see how this is. SOMEONE IS GETTING TOFU STEAKS FOR DINNER,

    • Mike the Viking says:

      AAAAAnd she’s back. You’re welcome, Angerpeople.

    • lydia says:

      Sometimes I get home from work and think “AAAAND now I start my second job.”

      Luckily my husband, though he may not cook and clean much, is great at recognizing these moments as a good time to take me out and feed me outside the home.

      I’m glad y’all are still alive!

  6. cheri says:

    happy, happy, the world is back on it’s axis, strength to you and yours

  7. Rick says:

    Glad you’re back, nice to see that the Viking isn’t JUST a big meat eater- he is literate, that is a wonderful thing- and glad to see da Tankster in all her loveliness.

    Now get back to writing, lazybones! 40 hours of work, indeed. Why, in my day. . . Oh, wait. Sorry. Just channeling my grandfather there.

    Cary on.

  8. KamiKazi says:

    Sunday, come back and write on Anger Burger. In your absence I have since started reading the archives to get my daily fix! Did I mention I am more of a lurker than anything? I figured it was a given.

    Glad you guys are well! I used to work 60 to 70 hours a week plus house stuff. I understand all too well the lazies that comes at those kinds of hours working. The Boy couldn’t find anything in the fridge to save his life let alone learn to cook for himself or me or clean anything, naturally the task often fell to me to complete.

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