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I Hope You Weren’t Planning on Sleeping Tonight

Posted by Sunday on Oct 18, 2012 at 7:55 pm

I urgently need to show you something.  It is not related to anything at all, except inasmuch as we all care about the advancement of humanity: the internet has achieved, for me, the pinnacle of everything.  It is called Fashion It So.

It is difficult for me to be funny after reading this blog, because it sucks all the funny out of the any nearby consciousness in a predatory effort to use the funny for itself.  It is a vampire who bit me and drained me of all my wit, and I write this as the remainder of humor drains from my body, unable to sustain me.  But I don’t mind, because that vampire is so magnificent and sparkling that I want it to take my funny.

From a sheer copywriting standpoint, it’s genius.  Mike the Viking is paid to teach copywriting, and I suggested that he just instruct his students to read Fashion It So and try to emulate it.  But then he pointed out that he wouldn’t get paid anymore, and I sort of need that half of our finances, so that was that.


October 18th, 2012 | Obsessed, Totally Unrelated

10 Responses to I Hope You Weren’t Planning on Sleeping Tonight

  1. Little Big says:

    A friend showed me this blog a couple months ago and I nearly lost my damn mind.

    • Sunday says:

      Every new post they write is freshly transcendent. Each time I think: there is no way this can be funnier than last time, and then it is.

      • little big says:

        I know you are on twitter approximately never, but you have to check out Star Trek Season 8. It tweets hypothetical TNG season 8 plots. Here are a few gems:

        “Dead crewmen are reanimated into tech-hungry beasts by Borg microbes. Wes accidentally calls Picard “mom” in front of the entire bridge.”

        “Microscopic explorers discover the Enterprise. A snake marked “Worf’s: do not touch” has been in the communal fridge since stardate 41153.7. ”

        “A transporter error combines an away team into a single man named Picariketroi LaCrusher. Another Captain Picard Day completely ruined. ”

        “A derelict space station harbors a dangerous secret from Guinan’s past. Riker’s one-man play has a lot of shirtless scenes. ”

  2. Maven says:

    Every time a new post shows up in my tumblr dash I run over to my co-worker’s cube and inform her and then we drop what we’re doing to laugh alone at our desks. I can’t even pick a favorite post; they’re like my children.

    I do wish they would pause and do early Voyager. That shit was bananas.

    Related: do you follow TNG Season 8 on the twitter machine? Also entertaining.

  3. Kate says:

    Ok, there goes working for the rest of the day.

  4. Sharon says:

    This has got to be some kind of violation of the prime directive. You have interfered with my being civilized at work!

  5. KamiKazi says:

    This is pretty awesome! Have you been to yet? That was pretty cute.

    • Sunday says:

      We are deep lovers of Dog Shaming here at the Anger Burger household. And my mom loves it too, I’m worried she is going to choke on her breakfast alone in the house one of these days from laughing while reading it.

  6. lydia says:

    Fashion it so made me laugh so hard it hurt. Righteous!

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