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Shhhh. It’s a secret.

Posted by Mike the Viking on Oct 3, 2012 at 4:24 pm

A while back, I talked the Captain into writing a book. Not a cookbook, a regular book. A novel. And boy, did she write the hell out of it. It is hilarious and brilliant, as you would expect. It’s an alternate earth story which includes psychedelics, flying sharks, morons, bounty hunters, italians, and a troll. And I’m not even giving away the best parts.

For much of the past year, I’ve been struggling with formatting it for the Kindle- an agonizing process, at least the way I do it. HOWEVER! Some time in the not-too-distant, I will have it into a almost-ready-for-public-release shape. I was hoping that some of you loyal Burgerians would be willing to proof it and help me spot formatting and spelling errors.

Leave a comment if you’d like to volunteer- you’ll need some free time to read, willingness to take notes , the ability to get stuff done in a timely manner, and a kindle (not an emulator- sorry iphoners). Tell me why you’re fit to guard the rainbow bridge.

Thank you for your support.

Bloodthirstily yours,


 p.s. No blood-relatives of the Captain will be accepted as volunteers. For science reasons.


EDIT: Thank you all! Your enthusiasm is inspiring. I took a new approach to formatting (basically started over at the HTML/CSS level) and it appears to have worked. LEVEL UP! MAYBE! I’m going to give it a couple of going overs, then it will be your turn. I will be contacting you sequentially, first-come first-served. If you don’t have the time right away, I’ll move on down the list. That way maybe ALL of Y’ALL can be reading this before the Winter Ninja comes to call.



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15 Responses to Shhhh. It’s a secret.

  1. Michaela says:

    Ugh, if only you had said Nook :(

  2. Arlette says:

    Have a Kindle. Am a Web developer. Used to be a copy editor for a local paper. POW!

  3. Brook says:

    Absolutely, with Kindle at the ready!

  4. cindy says:

    I have a Kindle and an unused writing BA. I’m in.

  5. nova says:

    Ahhh maaan, I have a kobo e reader. But I love proofreading so so so much,(I know, it’s a weird hobby) let me know if I can help.

  6. Mike the Viking says:

    Well, if the Kindlizing works, we’ll come back for the others. My impression is that the kindle format is the bitchiest.

  7. Kount Dagger says:

    well, i don’t have a kindle, and I am barely literate. but i really want to read the hell out of it. so if you other volunteers can’t please the Viking soon enough, let me know, and I will learn how to read and steal an old lady’s kindle. you know, for science.

  8. Lenore says:

    I want in! I’m in the same town, and I have a Kindle! Andrew Tucker is my hubby. :)

  9. Kelsey says:

    I have a Kindle and I am SO down for helping out the captain. Note-taking and catching grammatical errors is one of my secret strengths.

  10. Kamikaze says:

    Man, I wish you said Nook as well! I also enjoy editing. I used to help edit for my friend who writes a lot of short stories.

  11. Vita says:

    I have a kindle. And no job.
    I also heartily endorse Arlette as an editor.

  12. little big says:

    I don’t have time to offer but I can promise that I will buy said book as soon as its available. HUZZAH!

  13. Erin says:

    If you still need proofreaders, I’m here! Just email. Otherwise, I’ll buy it when it’s released to the general public. SO EXCITED!

  14. Michelle says:

    I know, I’m late to the game, but I’m ready and willing to proofread if you still need volunteers. I’ll find time!

    Exicted for the release!

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