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FUDGE YOU and your little dog too

Posted by on Dec 23, 2012 at 9:50 pm


T’were the busy season at Fig Manor, what with the apocalypse and the other thing. Anyway, the captain has not been making any “new” recipes lately, and she has this thing about not repeating herself. At least, not rehashing old recipes, OLD STANDBYS, much to your chagrin, and mine.

I have been eating the traditional pre-Ragnorak diet of lefse (this looks like a decent recipe, based entirely on the look of that grandmother- report back if you try it) ¬†and fudge. You can get the ol’ fudge bog standby here. Oh, and don’t use stainless cookware, because apparently it will “break” the fudge. The one pictured above is the second batch. SCIENCE!

What else? Well, there’s this thing:


GAZE on this work, ye mighty, and DESPAIR. Created by Spidermonkey’s own Wizard Garrett for the annual cthulhumas secret santa. We could not be more tickled.

In bookish news, the publishing of Sunday’s secret not-so-secret novel is 99 &44/100% complete, which is to say: it will be complete once I take one more pass through for proofing’s sake and come up with a cover that is adequate for our purposes. Anyway, SOON.

This is (probably) not the cover of the book:


And! As if that were not enough, there is another GRAND PROJECT in the works. It does not involve much reading at all, but it does involve vampires (both kinds), as well as zombies, aliens, and demons. And, most importantly, VENGEANCE.

Happy whateversday to you all. Try not to get eaten by ice giants.







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