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It’s Neighborin’ Time

Posted by Mike the Viking on Jan 8, 2013 at 4:09 pm


The captain and I have been secretly working on a tabletop card-game OF OUR OWN INVENTION for the past few months. It is called “Bad Neighbors” and is thematically centered around murderating your neighbors before they do the same to you.* It’s fun to play and easy to learn- we designed it with the idea that you should be able to pick it up and play after already having consumed adult beverages. A game between two people takes about 10 minutes; up to 5 people can play at once.

Yesterday we got the first real print of it (beta version 1.o) in the mail and it looks boss (see above: photo by the CAPTAIN).

Having already tested it in the rough stage (with the help of some enthusiastic friends), we’re moving on to test phase 2, where we answer the question: can people figure this out without us coaching them, using only the included instructions?

In the meantime, we’ll be moving forward with cleaning up some errors and finalizing the art. Did I mention there are more than 69 unique pieces of art in the game, hand-drawn by SUNDAY and myself (MIKE the VIKING)? Pret-ty awe-some. The actual art is less blurry than the above photo.



Like so.

The game will be up for sale once we solve the instructions issue and decide exactly how to print it. We will either be using THE GAMECRAFTER (a kickass indie-game print-on-demand service; this is where we made the beta deck) or traditional printing (supported by a kickstarter, most likely). There are pluses and minuses to each.

We’re taking volunteers for beta testers (local is best). Drop a comment if interested. Or if you want to be on the “I will totally buy this thing as soon as you start taking moneys” list. Otherwise, stay tuned.

Until Ragnarok, I remain:


*using vampires, zombies, aliens, and demons. we like to keep our murderizing clean and classylike. 





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30 Responses to It’s Neighborin’ Time

  1. Allie S. says:

    This looks so fantastic. I’d love to test it! My husband his friends love card games, so I think we’d have a good crowd. Also: I will totally pay money for it later. :)

  2. KevinQ says:

    When I saw these pop up on the Instagrams, I said, I want some of that. But while I am in Washington, I’m in the wrong Washington (I.e., district, not state). I would, however, be happy to pay for the right to test. (Cover printing or shopping costs.)

    if that’s not possible, I will anxiously await the day of purchase.I’mfan of Sunday’s art, and both of your writing.


  3. jess s says:

    we are local and we love card games !!!

  4. Amanda says:

    We are so not local, but we’d love to test out the game. We’d even pay later for the official new version!

  5. hatherly says:

    I am not local but will pay for the game once it’s out for mass-consumption. Yeah!

  6. kate grrr says:

    I love it. I love the title. I can’t wait till you finalise it. Please make sure it ships to the nether regions of the earth aka Australia. Keep up the good work!

  7. Maven says:

    Not local, will totally pay you when it’s available. Bonus point for fruit punch vamp!

  8. ashley says:

    Not local, but really want to play. love, love this type of card game. will buy. have friends who will too.

  9. TheOtherLisa says:

    This sound perfect for family game night. (We are a unique family.) I’ll be over here on the “take my money” list. Good luck!

  10. TheOtherLisa says:

    ^sounds perfect. It’s four thirty in the morning. I need more coffee.

  11. Ray says:

    I’m standing here with my monies in my hand! I’m also local and would be into deck testing.

  12. Diane says:

    I will totally buy this thing as soon as you start taking moneys. Please tell me there’s a hillbilly meth mom in the deck.

  13. maria says:

    We love board/card games and would love to play test, but I live in Minneapolis. I would pay to cover shipping/printing costs! Can guarantee that it will be play tested after consuming adult beverages and it is likely that a drinking game to play alongside the game will be developed. Congrats!

  14. Molly says:

    If you do an international version will you be spelling ‘neighbour’ correctly? ;p
    Ha! I’ll totes buy one (even with typo) from South Africa.

  15. quagmire says:

    Is there a single-person mode? I live in the back of a cave and fungi aren’t into card games … they are good company though. Oh, wait, there is a troll down the way, possibly he will play if I offer him meat! Can’t wait. Put me on the ‘wait list’ and post the ‘Kickstarter’ link when/if that transpires.

  16. nova says:

    Amazing!! Good for you guys. That sounds like the kind of game I’d like…I’m very choosy about games. :)

  17. KamiKaze says:

    I want in! I sadly live in Georgia, but don’t mind paying for shipping and whatever–perhaps include some of that citron tea as well? We can do a trade–where all parties win!

    Also, like to state the boyfriend and I play quite a bit of games, so a new one is golden in our book. I really like the art in it too.

  18. How cool. Ever since starting a 9-5 job staring at a compute screen most of the time, non-computer leisure is precious. Look forward to trying this!

  19. meg says:

    Please put me on your “I’d like to pay for the pleasure of owning this game” list. Can’t wait to try it!

  20. stella says:

    I’d love to test it remotely (UK) and/or buy this (may we turn it into a Bad Flatmates version? I wouldn’t mind murdering some of those…)!

  21. KT Eisler says:

    I cannot wait to play this game. Everybody I know needs this.

  22. Jen T. says:

    Will anxiously wait to purchase!

  23. Michelle says:

    Absolutely will purchase once available. I am already thinking of a few folks who would enjoy such gift.

    I’m not local, but I’d love to beta test.. for y’all and for future gift giving.

  24. Jarvis says:

    Uh yeah, sign me ups for one of these when available! Can’t wait!!

  25. Rosie Kuzmin says:

    Put me down for 3 packs. This is so exciticizing!

  26. Natalie says:

    soooo, so interested in both testing and buying!! we are always looking for fun, easily portable new games for drinking with friends. also, i want bragging rights – when it’s blown up and is a famous, sought-after game, i will be able to say “oh, i remember when this was first launching on Sunday’s blog…”

  27. quagmire says:

    28 orders and counting (Rosie wants THREE decks. Wurd!). Shake the bugs out and roll this baby! The hook is set, now start reelin’ before it gets away =0)
    Just sayin’.

  28. Alex says:

    I WAAAAANT! Yes please.

  29. amandabandanna says:

    Will buy! Fur shore!

  30. little big says:

    Hope you are not full up for beta testers. I’m not local but my friends are wild about tabletop gaming. Plus I smell nice.

    Put me down for “hella going to buy some.”

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