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Any happy little thought

Posted by Mike the Viking on Feb 1, 2013 at 6:01 am

In the tradition of this horrible universe, you often get good news with bad news. And vice-versa. So it goes.

Today we announce the long-anticipated, public, available on AMAZON, kindle publication of Sunday’s novel, e galactic mu.

The author.

That’s right, this is a thing. And you can read it. And goddamn it, you should. Our lovely captain put untold hours into crafting a lovely and hilarious story with memorable characters. And I put in no small effort myself, editing and winnowing and replacing dumb quote marks and fixing italic tags all that. And you helped!

Here is a quote from the book:

Now, everyone knows that the bloatshark towers had never failed around Birch Bay, and that even the pier itself had electro-static wire thatching, but no one wanted to be at the end of that pier. No one wants to be the one that sits at the very front of the plane, either: out of some optimistic fantasy that if the plane were to crash, the tail end would remain intact. The Captain Reverend seemed to think that it was all a part of his lot in life, even though he could move his boat at any time. Anyone who had been on the pier longer than a few days knew the Captain’s motto: “Better to be eaten by bloatsharks than have to socialize with you goddamn Mongoloid assholes.”

That is now my motto. I mean, my old motto was pretty similar, but I like this one better. The book is full of wisdom like this, suitable for personal enrichment and/or epitaphs. Also, flying sharks! Hello!

All that is to say, go buy the book. If you don’t have a kindle, get the app for your mammy-rammin’ iphone or itab or idesk or itampon or whatever. And/or buy it as a gift. It is not overly sexual, but does contain scenes of humping. For just $3, it’s a gift that says you’re thoughtful AND frugal AND like humping. Happy Valentines!

Part B of your mission (after you buy the book), is to write a review on Amazon. It does not have to be a long review. It does not have to be a five-star review (though, if you actually read the book, it probably will be). It does not even have to be a positive review. Reviews are gold, and our hope is that people beyond our precious circle of loyal Burgerians will get to enjoy this book. Drop us a comment here after you post a review (so we can high-five you). If you do that, you will be eligible for a possibly immoral special payola-like tribute that will confer IMMORTALITY* and/or FAME. What could be better than that?

That reminds me. I disabled DRM on the thing, so you can share it up. More than anything, we want people reading it. If they like it, maybe they’ll feel guilty and pay for a copy later (I mean, sooner is better, obviously, but later is okay). Or they’ll write a review. Either way, we’re cool like that.

And as long as I’m giving stuff away, here’s a special deal for you non-Kindleers: if you buy the Kindle version, and you require a different format, leave a comment here and I will personally email you a version for your device, in your preferred format** (almost 100% guaranteed to work). It won’t be instant, but it will provide gratification. And it will retain almost all of the typos I missed in the Kindle version. What can I say? I’m a giver.

So, in summary: buy book, write review, buy as gift, tweet, facebook, put it on your blog, tell all your friends, and most importantly, enjoy.

More updates throughout Spamuary. Thank you for your support.


*Of a very limited sort. Fame not guaranteed. But still, highly awesome. Come on, it’s an oblique bribe! Do I have to spell it out for you? Yes? I will, I promise.

**Not paper or audio, for Fenris’ sake. 




February 1st, 2013 | Novelry, True Story

8 Responses to Any happy little thought

  1. little big says:

    I’m a third of the way through it already. It’s AMAZING. It’s BRILLIANT. It’s HILARIOUS.

    “High school is a test you are given before you are taught the answers. High school is a pottery class for blind club-fisted epileptics.”

    That’s not just good writing, it’s goddamn wisdom into the human soul. Her writing has the echoes of the best parts of Pratchett. I’m pimping it on my blog for life.

    Again, I’m only a third of the way through this book, and already I love it. I loved it so hard it broke.

  2. YMG says:

    I have been following your blog for a while now and I am so excited that you have a book out! I have always enjoyed your writing style and I’m looking forward to reading it. Congratulations!

  3. meg says:

    I downloaded the Kindle app just so I could read your book–I’ve been following the blog for a while and knew it would be totally worth it…and it is! I haven’t gotten very far yet, but it’s truly wonderful. I just got to the part about putting salted peanuts in a Coca Cola bottle–my mother (a North Carolinian) talks about doing that when she was a kid. I’ve never heard anyone else talk about it, though. Amazing. I will definitely write an Amazon review!

  4. beanstew says:

    When you say that you will email people the format that they need, would this by any chance extend to just a simple PDF? I don’t have anything except an old PC, and thus no way to read the book. But if PDFs are on the table, I’d love to buy it!

    • Mike THE Viking says:

      PDF for sure. The formats that we have are EPUB (for Nook and most other e-readers), MOBI (kindle), and PDF. We’re using Calibre for conversion, which has a bunch of other formats as well. I will output those by request.

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  6. Michelle says:

    Payday is here and I bought the book. Will write up a review once I get done.

    I hope it sells like gangbusters, if for no other reason but to see that photo of Sunday on the dust cover when I buy it in print.

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