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Posted by Mike the Viking on Feb 22, 2013 at 9:29 am

The day of reckoning is at hand or something. Because I decided that the plan to have the games shipped to us and then re-ship them to you was totally stupid, needlessly complicated, slightly expensive, and pointlessly extra-worky. So, go nut! Or as I meant to type, go nuts!

You can now buy BAD NEIGHBORS directly from the printer (the lovely THE GAMECRAFTER) for $19.99 plus shipping. If you order today, there is good chance your cards will be getting to your house or apartment or squalid van behind the Grocery Outlet 10 days from now.

If you would like a custom FAMILY CARD, hand-drawn by one of us (as mentioned in the previous post), that is your right as loyal citizens of Angerburgeria. You need to get us the info, like the name you want on the card (or else we’ll assign one to you), an appropriate reference photo, and a mailing address.* I will email you about that after I receive some kind of proof that you have purchased the game. (If you don’t have the full game, I’m not sure why you would want one singular family card. Unless you plan to play the solo version of BAD NEIGHBORS, also known as NO NEIGHBORS or GOOD NEIGHBORS. If so, excelsior! May you live long in solitude, you glorious hermit.)

At this time, the dedicated url (BADNEIGHBORS.ORG) is forwarding to the sales page on The Gamecrafter. Some time soon, once I remember how to set up hosting and DNSes etc, you’ll be able to go there to download the quick start guide, read the FAQs, or watch a “let’s play” video. But you’ll probably see most of that here first. Forget I said anything.

I will leave you with the words of George Susan Patton: “War is hell. And if anyone deserves hell, it’s my goddamn neighbors.”

Go forth and give them what’s coming to them.


*We’ll be printing up spare blank cards to make this happen. Which means the custom-drawn card will arrive some time after the full game. Uh, savor the anticipation.

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10 Responses to BAD NEIGHBORS is go!

  1. kris says:

    Just ordered it!

  2. Judi says:

    I just shared this with everyone at work. Because I’m an American.

  3. meg says:

    Ordered it today! Can’t wait to obliterate my neighbors!

  4. Jarvis says:

    Ordered today! Glad I’ve kept my neighbors at a distance til now! Can’t wait!

  5. KevinQ says:

    Ordered! And anxiously awaiting.


  6. Little Big says:

    Ordering to commence this weekend!

    I’m torn between using my “Carrie Anne” card or framing it and hanging it on my mantle.

  7. Little Big says:

    Just bought it! Just bought it so hard it broke!

  8. Robyn says:

    How should we contact you about a custom card? Email?

    • Yes! Email me at mort(at)badneighbors(dot)org
      Include your reference photo (if necessary), proof of purchase (like the email confirmation from the Gamecrafter) and the name you want on the card. We started making custom cards yesterday, and the first batch will be shipping out today.

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