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It’s (almost)neighboring time!

Posted by Mike the Viking on Feb 20, 2013 at 3:18 pm

The proof of the 1st edition of BAD NEIGHBORS came yesterday (antlers not included). It looks awesome. As you might be able to tell from the above pixels, we tooled up the art, added color to the draw cards, and hand-lettered all the card text. So as I write this, we are moments (days) away from being able to sell it to you and all your friends and family and enemies.

Soon you will be able to order it directly from us (yay!) or from the printer, The GameCrafter (also yay!). There will be some special perks for Anger Burgerenos who order directly, not because we love doing extra work, but because we love you. Either way, the price will be $20 plus shipping. (We’d make it cheaper if we could but that’s not really possible without laying out a bunch of up-front cash).  Anyway, twenty bucks is cheaper than a movie, and the game is a hell-of-a-lot more entertaining and you don’t have to deal with people eating cellophane or kicking your seat.


Perk ichi: We are still working on the quick-start (QS) guide. The game is STUPIDLY easy to play, but since it doesn’t follow the same rules of any other game EVER (at least any that I’ve played), it usually takes people a couple of turns (not games, just around the table) to get it. There are instruction cards included, but those are mostly for clarification. The best way to learn is by jumping in. The QS guide should help you with that. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the printer, we can’t ship it from them without jacking up the price significantly. Since the QS is only necessary for the first playthrough in a house, we’re going to print it ourselves and jam it in with the games we personally handle. We’ll also post it somewhere for downloads, which is maybe better, because, you know, trees, man.

Perk numero dos: In the game, family cards act as a kind of scoring mechanism (i.e. health). You’ll understand when you play it. For this edition we printed a blank family card. Why? So that we/you could customize it with a member of your very own ACTUAL family. If you order it from the printer, you will have to DIY (fun). Use a sharpie so that it doesn’t rub off. HOWEVER, if you order it from us, one of the actual game-makers (the Captain or the Viking) will customize it with a caricature of YOU or your LOVED ONE or FRIEND or ENEMY or PET, or not, your choice.*

If you leave a comment on this post, I will add you to the mailing list of people that will be the very first to know, seconds after we figure out how to make a pay-pal order form and BAD NEIGHBORS officially goes on sale.


On an unrelated note, thanks to everyone who bought Sunday’s book so far. Special thanks to Carrie Anne who took the time to post a review on AMAZON. I hate to beg, but if you like the book, even if you haven’t finished it yet, we need more reviews. They don’t need to be long or in depth. One-liners are fine, too. Please please please. It helps.

Oh, you’re waiting for that immortality I promised? OK.

Do you know who HONUS WAGNER is? Well if you do, it’s probably because he’s the face of the most valuable baseball card of all time. If you post a review of e galactic mu (and let us know about it here on AB)  you will join Carrie Anne for a chance to be the Honus Wagner of the 21st century. I will be adding a special random Family Card to the next edition of BAD NEIGHBORS. When someone orders a deck, they will receive one of these rare cards. The cards are selected at random from a pool- so the more reviews we get, the bigger that pool, the rarer an individual card is, and (counter-intuitively) the better chance that your card will be selling at auction in the year 2113 for a like 1.5 billion bars of latinum (or whatever currency people are using at the time). FAME!**

This is what a family card looks like (only without a border and with rounded corners):


Wishing you bountiful plunder and gallons of mead, it is I, MORT the VIKING


 *Since it’s pretty time-consuming, we will only be able to offer this for a limited number of orders, so, you know, act fast. Your satisfaction with the attractiveness of the drawing is not guaranteed.

**By the way, it doesn’t have to be you, you can request someone else to be on the card, just post your book review, leave me a comment (preferably on the previous post) and I’ll parley with you on the details. I can’t do an unlimited amount of these but I don’t have a magic number yet– I will post a note when the pool is closed.


February 20th, 2013 | Bad Neighbors

10 Responses to It’s (almost)neighboring time!

  1. KevinQ says:

    Please to find out when I can order game!

    This sounds like fun, and $20 is pretty cheap for a game.


  2. Jesse HK says:

    I want to be on the mailing list!

  3. xadrian says:

    Can’t wait to be separated from $20.

  4. Dchampion says:

    E Galactic Mu is one of those rare stories that often takes you places you would not expect. Descriptions of characters and things the author had them say/think had me thinking “that is just wrong” but in a funny way. The book had the best description of the high school experience I have ever read from the perspective of someone who is not in the cool crowd. The way the author described events and characters helped paint the picture in your mind, and made you think.

  5. anne says:

    let me know.

  6. ashley says:

    just so you know, i plan on buying two sets! one for me, one for a friend.

  7. meg says:

    Can’t wait! Count me in!

  8. maria says:

    I want to play this now. Add me to the mailing list por favor!

    PS You guys are pretty dang amazing.

  9. Little Big says:

    Fucking SQUEEEE! I’m mentioned in an Angerburger post (that does not pertain to butt disease!!) AND I might become the most famous baseball player/special BN card of all time! FUCKING SQUEEEEE!

  10. Juco says:

    Yes – please let us know. Dan and I already know what we want on our card!

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