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BAD NEIGHBORS rare card #1

Posted by Mike the Viking on Mar 1, 2013 at 5:10 pm


If I know Carrie Anne, she won’t be offended by this depiction of her as a crazy cat lady. If she is, TOO BAD. She can go make her own game and make fun of me. BAD VIKINGS, she’ll call it. (p.s. That sounds pretty fun actually. Hit me up if you need some badass viking art for it.)

This is the first official RARE bad neighbors card and it will be added to the random family set very very soon. Also in line are TINA, NICOLE, AMANDA ANNE, and JOY KITCHEN* (*probably not her real name). If you are on this list, I will try to track you down for a reference photo and your in-game name (you don’t have to use your real name or your own photo). If I fail to track you down, please email me at mort@badneighbors(dot)org.

IMPORTANT: If you want to be on the list of random family cards, what you gotta do is buy & review e galactic mu (Sunday’s Novel) on AMAZON kindle. Which you should do anyway. It’s only the best novel ever published in the english language, according to me.

If you are just joining us from outer space or a hell dimension, up from scratch. It’s fun, easy, and fast. Great for killing time at a bar or in the privacy of your own walled compound. It’s what they refer to as a “casual” game, meaning that you don’t need an advanced understanding of statistics, probability, or string theory to play it. Also, it fits in a standard coat pocket.

The most common question so far is this: IS IT FAMILY FRIENDLY? Well, that depends on your family. There are cartoon boobies in it. As well as light references to the Cthulhu mythos. If your children are cool with doodled demonic sweater yams and unfathomable dread, then they’re going to love it. None of the children we’ve tested it on have shown any signs of long-term emotional scarring.*

The current edition comes with a blank family card so that you can add your own family member or enemy. Those who are kind enough to order the game and leave a comment here will also be receiving a custom family card, hand drawn by me or Sunday. We will start on that when we get our set of blank family cards in the mail. This offer is limited to 52 cards, minus the ones we mess up.**

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. May all your neighbors be torn asunder.



*Although Taiyo was not all that keen on KENNY. Go figure.  

**Custom drawings don’t have the luxury of light tables or photoshop. 



March 1st, 2013 | Bad Neighbors

14 Responses to BAD NEIGHBORS rare card #1

  1. little big says:

    FUCK YEAH I’m a crazy cat lady! I own a shirt that says CAT LADY PRIDE for chrissakes. This ROCKS. I would have also accepted Barbarian Librarian, Estate Sale Tomb Raider, or Cheese Wiz. This is so awesome! Best card ever!

    I’ll have you know that my daughter can identify Cthulhu in pictures and has a stuffed one that she plays with regularly.

  2. chandra ashford says:

    its like you know all my neighbors are assholes whom i hate. how do i get this fun game?

    • MIKE the VIKING says:

      Click the blue BAD NEIGHBORS link in the text. Or the ad over on the right, then “view” or “buy.” You’ll get there eventually. Give ’em hell.

  3. angela says:

    We ordered the game and will test it on Brixton. Who needs to practice writing, so I might tell him in order to play he has to submit a report about it. and dance.

  4. kris says:

    Hi, I ordered the game (hope to see it in my mailbox this week) and commented on the 22nd. Where do I send you proof of purchase and photo for a custom family card drawn?

  5. Excellent question. Email your proof of purchase, address, reference photo, and the name you want for your family member (first name) to mort(at)

    Note: the purchase confirmation email (from the Gamecrafter) also includes your shipping address; tidy!

    We’ll be starting on custom cards this week, as soon as our blanks arrive.

  6. kris says:

    Ok, it did come in the mail today! I just opened it and am reading the directions. Do you have the quick start guide posted somewhere I could print?

    • On the Gamecrafters bad neighbors page, there is a slideshow of images at the bottom (“action shots”). The easiest way to get there is to choose “view” from the official site ( The third image is our beta version of the quick start guide, you can right-click and save that image (it’s print size).

      There is also a pretty thorough walk-through on the FAQ page of I hope that helps.

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  8. pasha says:

    useless comment: I’ll have this game out for play on March 30th for tabletop day fun. can’t wait to get it in the mail!

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