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Delicious Carnies

Posted by Mike the Viking on May 24, 2013 at 1:44 pm

We are still alive, don’t you worry none. Here are some things that are happening:

• Sunday recently relented and made me a fresh batch of Cornish Pasties, or, as I’ve nicknamed them, “Carnies.” This is that illogically killer recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Great Britain. Still awesome. I try to limit myself to one a day. Also, the book has dropped in price, so now might be a good time to pick it up.

• tajin classico seasoning was introduced to us by our good friend Skrappy and it’s Sunday’s new go-to topping. Everything is tajin, all up ins. It’s a dry season, like salt or pepper, but it’s composed of chili peppers, salt and DEHYDRATED LIME. Damnation! It’s the mack on Mangos, watermelon, avacados, and pretty much everything else, but my favorite is on sliced cucumbers. I kind of wish we had a jar that was just dehydrated lime, since I like to throw a little lime in the cokola when I eat something greasy.

Tajin has recently become available at common supermarkets; I’m not sure where they hide it, but that’ll be fun for you. Like a treasure hunt. I think it’s like a dollar a bottle. Dehydrated summer, I tell ya. Gabrilliant. Here, have some on jicama:

• I’ve been finishing up some rare BAD NEIGHBORS cards for people that were nice enough to review e galactic mu. If you haven’t downloaded the book, which Sunday wrote with the skin of her own hands and sometimes teeth, you are forfeiting your right to complain about basically everything. Come on, it features flying sharks, unicorns and a dog that eats cigarette butts!

Here is a card I made for my friend Justin (he is not always this stoned, HOWEVER, he is a terrible neighbor, specializing in the categories of super-loud movies and music, 2 am cleaning rampages and using illegal fireworks inside his apartment):

Justin Larsen Bad Neighbor Rare Card

•  On the subject of Bad Neighbors, you can now purchase the game at 3 local places: Gabi’s (Olympic Cards & Comics), The Danger Room, and Spidermonkey. So if you’re lazy, afraid of e-commerce, and live in the South Sound area, we got you covered.

• Continuing on the subject of real-life bad neighbors, I’m currently suffering through building construction (across the street), massive landscaping (next door), and a speed-fueled schizophrenic break (rear neighbor). I really need to live in the deep woods, on an island, in an underground soundproof bunker.

• Sunday has been knitting up an f4 of mostly baby sweaters (our friends are having twins). I am campaigning for a Tank-sweater, so far no luck. Tank is what the professionals refer to as “a difficult shape.” She’s pretty barrelly and has a neck like a grown-ass man. Her neck measurement is the same as mine, although I am 6 times her size. We are equally hairy, although my moustache is fuller. She needs a sweater, I think.

• Just read a heart-wrenching post on a friend-0f-a-friend’s new blog, After Words. I can’t really recommend it, because it gave me feels. As a bonified bear-skin wearing, blood drenched axe-crazy berserker, I am uncomfortable with most emotions. Read at your own risk.

This salad from Little Big Blog looks good. Maybe it’s because of the feels, I don’t know. I will fortify myself with a carnie and see if the feels pass.

• Do you like cello? I do. August Ruins is my latest obsession, great for writing, moping, or other artsy pursuits.

• I’m working on a comic book. Actually, two comic books. One is about a sexy sci-fi monster hunter, and the other is about a horse that eats people. So there.

What’s new with you?

Stay Angry,

Mike the Viking

May 24th, 2013 | Bad Neighbors, Food Rant

7 Responses to Delicious Carnies

  1. KevinQ says:

    One of the worst things I ever did was give myself and my wife the most bowel-knotting, keep-a-bucket-handy food poisoning from my last batch of Cornish pasties (made from the recipe on your blog). I must have gotten some cross-contamination or something was spoiled or undercooked, but a day after eating the pasties, we were both in a very, very bad way. And now I can’t even think about making them again without going a little green around the gills. So sad. :-(

    Fortunately, I haven’t poisoned anybody with Sunday’s Welsh cakes yes. Those things are magical.


  2. JackieD says:

    My tajin is wet (like hot sauce) and very cumin-y. Curious.

  3. Michelle says:

    Must find some tajin, sounds pretty good. Always on the look out for something to spice things up, and sometimes it has to come from a bottle. (Wow that reads, um,er, well different than it was intended when exported from brain to screen.)

    Bought E galactic mu right after it came out, but have had two grandsons make their debut since the end of February. Life has been crazy and I’m about 3 chapters in. Will review once complete. I have GOT to find out about the shark.

    I have been knitting likewise, two hippos and almost finished with one sweater. Also sewing, because I’ve lost my marbles and somehow don’t comprehend how much time and energy are actually available. Damn sleep, if I could forgo that, but I’m past my sell-by-date for all nighters anymore.

    Always grateful for a post. Makes my day. Thanks.

  4. Little Big says:

    Tajin is amazing. I love it not only on mangoes, but on mango ice cream as well.

    Wish we had better news but, yeah. Life kind of stinks right now what with Anthony’s layoff and trying to find gainful employment. But we are catching up on family times and the Walking Dead together, so that’s something.

  5. Need to find some of this magic spice… and try jicama!

  6. rebecca says:

    my copy of bad neighbors arrived in the mail yesterday & i’m so excited to play it. the cards are even more awesome than i expected them to be–thanks!

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